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Our Story

Hope Australia Soccer Academy (HASA) is a unique not-for-profit program born from the Tour of Hope, an annual charity project featuring Brazilian soccer stars such as Mineiro (Chelsea, São Paulo, Hertha Berlin, World Cup 2006), Silas Pereira (São Paulo, Sporting Lisbon, World Cups 1986 & 1990), and Paulo Sérgio (Bayern Munich, AS Roma, World Cup 1994, Champions League champion 2001). These ex-professional players share their inspiring stories of struggle and triumph with children across Australia.

In 2019, we received a grant from the social services department to launch a soccer-mentoring program focused on engaging at-risk South Sudanese and Afghan youth. In 2022, we secured another grant under the Safer Communities initiative to provide community engagement through soccer and other activities in Melbourne's western (including Keilor Park and Aintree) and southeastern regions (including Narre Warren, Doveton, and Cranbourne).

Our program develops both soccer and life skills through a mentoring approach, aiming to provide young people with the discipline of soccer and other pathways to success in life. Our ultimate goal is to see individuals, families, and communities better connected and thriving socially and economically, free from intolerance and discrimination, and able to respond to emerging needs and challenges.

The concept of Hope Australia Soccer Academy goes beyond conventional training. Not only do we identify and nurture talent, but we also build character to produce well-rounded individuals. The youth in our program receive early intervention when behavioral changes are detected, with this support extending to their families to ensure stability and resilience at home.

Hope Australia Soccer Academy - Bringing Australians Together

We strive to reach marginalized/refugee families and at-risk youth through various project activities, including:

  • Engagement of at-risk youth from refugee and migrant backgrounds, focusing on positive behavioral changes through a values-based sports program.

  • Mentoring program: Dedicated mentors engage with disengaged youth, identify referral pathways, and enhance positive life-skill development.

  • Youth drop-in center: Providing a safe environment for youth, including a homework club to encourage academic excellence.

  • Mentor Driving Program: Driving lessons paired with mentors to build driving skills among offending youth.

  • Employment pathways: Guiding youth towards potential employment opportunities and away from criminal activities by encouraging positive choices.

  • Mental health workshops: Supporting youth and their families in coping with community disengagement and isolation.

  • Family engagement: Addressing cultural gaps between parents and youth through community work.

  • Leadership training: Workshops to develop community leaders who can address relevant youth and family issues.

  • Career pathways workshops: Assisting parents and youth with resume writing and job interview preparation.

  • Parental involvement: Training parents to be volunteer soccer coaches to increase engagement with their children.


We contribute to preserving the safety of Australians by funding local crime prevention activities that address anti-social behavior among high-risk youth. Our programs help marginalized youth aged 12-24 develop life skills, including educational and sporting abilities, to prevent them from becoming entrenched in the criminal justice system and promote inclusion and community building.

Moving forward, HASA aims to continue connecting and building the local community through soccer, reaching not only teens but also younger children from as young as four. We believe that early engagement in our soccer program and life skill development can greatly benefit children. Our heart is to continue engaging the children of our community through schools and community outreach programs.

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